Tuesday, February 24, 2009

GCM project // re-edited video #1

i re-edited the video from the one that i showed the class yesterday. if you would like to view it (at low res) please do so and leave comments with feedback... I will be burning these all to DVD possibly tomorrow, no later than Thursday evening.

GCM project


mission: to perform acts of guerrilla-style media distribution as a method of displaying new media artworks through mainstream technological artifacts, thereby catching the attention of unsuspecting spectators in order to raise awareness of a variety of issues through the use of images from our historical and contemporary global image data-bank

to follow the progression of this project, please visit


Hi, I made it... just want to see what i can do.

Monday, February 23, 2009

brave and smart

the fall obsession of our inane discourses while standing Recent research in animal behavior
in lines in the winter is weather prophecy by the wooley on the physiological differences
bear; that unassuming, two inch long caterpillar. between bold and timid guppies
have shown there are clear brain differences between the two
here is the creepy-crawly even the most fearful could personality types. Bold guppies act
pick up. his delicte blue-blace skin and 20 some odd act as predator scouts, venturing
feet look to be covered in pipe-cleaner rings; bands of outside the school of the timid,
the richest cocoa with red tones. two bright, beady to identify danger and then report
black eyes observe a world from his height of 1/4 inch. back, sending the school in the
His highly evolved nervous system co-ordinates the opposite direction.
movement of multiple feet. very little space then for
thoughts of purpose, in fact room only for one. Both personality types are equally
smart, but once the risk-takers have
Seen marching at the same speed in the fall, wooly successfully navigated their voyage
bears make highway-crossing pilgimages. (without getting eaten), they are
superior learners. Timid guppies,
upon seeing a predator release
stress hormones known as cortico-
steroids, which are know to
supress learning.