Sunday, April 19, 2009


While considering my first Eco Art project I spent some time exploring my local surroundings that I felt foreign to. I wanted to get a larger picture, as I know many of the hills directly surrounding the campus. So out I went in my Volvo for a late winter drive. I made use of a sketch book and my camera to document points of interest and my path. Some noted points directly reflected in my frist eco art project, such as my notations of hay bails in my sketchbook. Other places discovered became places of interaction later in the semester.

I found myself finding interested in the land that was claimed by humans, either through simple signage, or mining.

Up Sherman road I came a crossed a row of posted signs standing alone in a large empty, snow covered field.

Also on Sherman road I came to a view of Buffalo Crushed Stone mining. I followed up with a visit to the Buffalo Crushed Stone web site. I spent some time exploring their Environmental Impact Statement ( I found nothing addressing the Alfred quarry specifically. Most interesting was plans to turn a quarry into a 169 acre lake.

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